Commonwealth Conservation Network (CCN)

The CCN is an initiative of Commonwealth Community Capital to link together wildlife conservation organisations throughout the Commonwealth, in order to streamline and co-ordinate efforts to preserve our natural fauna and flora for the good of humanity and to assist in combating poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

Aims of the CCN:

  • To create a database linking all conservation organisations working in Commonwealth countries
  • To share information on successful conservation programmes throughout the Commonwealth
  • To create a platform for dialogue between people involved in conservation
  • To establish an emergency Commonwealth Conservation Fund which can respond quickly to natural disasters that affect fauna and flora in the Commonwealth
  • To establish a scholarship fund for individuals in the Commonwealth wishing to study conservation
  • To promote conservation education in schools throughout the Commonwealth

A New Collaboration With The Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA)

On 10 February 2021 Commonwealth Music International and the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra (CYO) are delighted to announce a new collaboration with the Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA) and are using music to support its vital conservation work in the Zambesia Region with especially composed and performed soundtracks.


Music composed by Simon Haw MBE
Video by Shaun McMinn

Executive Producer: Sally Shebe
Assistant producer: Jake Ellwood

© Commonwealth Music International
Zambesia Conservation Alliance